It's pretty cool. I went there a few years ago (the only way to see Venice is by boat). It's a bit of a stretch, though, to say that St Mark's Square is a stone's throw away; since (a) it's a few km away, (b) most of that distance is water so you'd need a boat, and (c) you can't moor your own boat near St Mark's, but… » 4/16/14 8:19pm Wednesday 8:19pm

For instance, once a P-8, orbiting over a hundred miles off an enemy's coast, has identified a hostile patrol boat guarding its homeport, it can send that "target track" to a Super Hornet, flying about fifty miles closer to the enemy's shore, and request an attack. The P-8 has done this via using its Advanced Airborne …

» 4/14/14 5:53pm Monday 5:53pm

"37.5 kHz per second" is wrong, unless you want to pretend that the frequency is shifting rapidly. Hz means "per second" already. Just say "37.5 kHz". If you just copy & paste from a source without actually reading it, then you repeat obvious mistakes made by the source. » 4/05/14 10:33am 4/05/14 10:33am

A fabric roof on an SL doesn't sound plausible to me. The SL is very much a premium product, and Mercedes are usually careful to protect those against such obvious signs of costcutting. If they wanted a cheaper convertible they would do it on a cheaper platform. That might or might not be an SLK.

On the other hand, if… » 4/02/14 10:24pm 4/02/14 10:24pm