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It's trying too hard. It's just a design study, although it does a great job of anticipating the current fashion for oversized wheels (like horse-drawn carts), and it anticipates the pressure to raise beltlines in order to meet safety standards. The tail looks like an Audi A7 - not very pretty, but it's aerodynamic. » 8/13/14 7:44pm 8/13/14 7:44pm

It looks pretty. It would be nice, if true. But Autoexpress say "Our exclusive image..." which basically means that the intern at Autoexpress got bored and spent a day playing with Photoshop instead of doing SEO for the latest Audi A4 review like they were supposed to.

Alfa now sells small Fiat hatchbacks with slightly… » 8/13/14 7:33pm 8/13/14 7:33pm

"Hidden from top Audi bosses"? I'm sure that makes a good yarn, so there are probably sources which say it, but I doubt it's entirely true. A new car is a big investment; an entirely new car with radically different technology, hand in hand with a plan to compete in a completely new racing series, is very expensive… » 8/12/14 3:26pm 8/12/14 3:26pm

Economies of scale across multiple brands aren't just for the GMs and VWs and PSAs of this world. Makers of expensive cars don't have a blank cheque; they still need to develop better engines, better NVH, better handling, better interiors, better supply-chain, better aerodynamics &c - so many fixed costs. Staying… » 8/09/14 11:53am 8/09/14 11:53am

For any of you Jalops wanting a performance bargain in the UK, I'm selling a CL500 at BCA next week. It's the coupe version of the W220 above; it has a 5 litre V8 wrapped in walnut and leather and double-glazing. I expect it will sell for about £2000. I set a zero reserve - go on, try your luck. :-) » 8/03/14 3:04pm 8/03/14 3:04pm

The upfront cost of an airplane is only part of the overall cost of aviation. And a remanufactured-old aircraft will still cost more than an old-old aircraft. If you remanufacture an old aircraft to include shiny new engines and avionics, will it really cost far less per hour to operate? Even after you've allowed for… » 8/01/14 7:05pm 8/01/14 7:05pm

Cars in that era were less reliable than today, and life was less sterile, and there was a much greater chance that you'd get your hands dirty in some other way whilst en route from A to B. And maybe you'd want to freshen up when you arrive at your destination but before you say hello and shake hands with… » 7/24/14 6:13pm 7/24/14 6:13pm

A Yugo isn't Russian. It's copy of a Fiat, and the stereotypical Yugo was built in Yugoslavia, which was trying very hard to be non-aligned and separate from the Soviets. It's half a continent away from Moscow.

There's no shortage of other license-built Fiats in Russia itself.

» 7/24/14 5:00pm 7/24/14 5:00pm